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Cambridge Hotlogs – premium quality waste wood briquettes

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Good news for anyone in or around Cambridge struggling to find dry, seasoned firewood for their wood burning stove or open fire.

We produce Cambridge Hotlogs – a premium quality briquette made from clean, untreated waste wood.  Cambridge Hotlogs produce a lot more heat than firewood and are packaged in easy to handle 12.5kg bags, allowing for more versatile storage.

Cambridge Hotlogs are competitively priced compared to any other wood fuel available on the market

Cambridge Hotlogs prices


We can deliver up to one tonne of Cambridge Hotlogs up to 20 miles from SG8 6AB. We will unload them for you and put them into your storage area, and not leave them dumped on the road for you to sort out.

Alternatively you can collect Cambridge Hotlogs from us at Penn Farm on Saturday mornings by appointment only – please let us know when ordering.

Cambridge Hotlogs are produced to the PrEN14961-3 standard, which means they meet or exceed the highest performance standards of any wood fuel available on the market, including fully seasoned hardwood logs and are suitable to be used in any appliance designed to burn wood fuel.

Many chimney sweeps in the area use Cambridge Hotlogs and recommend them to their customers, because they are clean burning and will not cause problems with your chimney or flue, unlike wet or unseasoned firewood.

For further information and advice about Cambridge Hotlogs please check out our FAQs

To see a video of how we make Cambridge Hotlogs click here