Cambridge Wood Fuel

Firing up the Stovax Brunel with Cambridge Hotlogs

Blog PostDavid Ousby

Here’s a video we made earlier this year with Anna Allen showing how to use our Cambridge Hotlogs in a Stovax wood burning stove.

This video features the Stovax Brunel stove – one of the most compact on the market and ideally suited to smaller fireplaces.

One of the benefits of using Cambridge Hotlogs demonstrated in the video in the Stovax Brunel is that they can easily be broken into small pieces, making it simple and quick to light.

We also show the importance of controlling primary and secondary air flows on the stove, both during lighting the stove, and then once it’s up to temperature.

If you have any questions about using Cambridge Hotlogs in your stove, please get in touch – we’re always happy to help!