Cambridge Wood Fuel

COFCO – our new collection site for 2017

David Ousby

Sadly Black Bar Brewery, our popular Saturday collection site, has decided to go into hibernation. After five great years its time for the Brewmonkey to run to the hills and play in the dirt. Thus BlackBar will be going for a long sleep.  For many of our customers there was a natural synergy between Brewmonkey’s outstanding hand crafted beers and our Cambridge Hotlogs, but sadly you will no longer be able to pick up a Dovestep, Blacklight or Elusive Digit when you come to collect your Hotlogs purchase.  Here’s hoping Brewmonkey finds a way back into brewing fantastic beers after he’s had his fix of hills and dirt…

The good news is our friends at COFCO (Cambridge Organic Food Company) at Penn Farm Studios (where we used to be based) have come to the rescue, and we will be offering Saturday morning collections  from their site from January 2017.


COFCO are less than a mile away from Black Bar Brewery, on a site that has ample parking and is perhaps slightly easier to find.  They represent nearly every organic farm that is local to Cambridge and have been delivering boxes of organic fruit and vegetables in Cambridge since 1998. COFCO also supply produce to many independent organic, specialist and health food shops in the local area.

So although you won’t be able to pick up a Dovestep with you Saturday morning Hotlogs collection, you will be able to find out more about COFCO’s excellent organic box scheme, and possibly sample some seasonal produce they may have available.