Cambridge Wood Fuel

Waste Wood Collections

David Ousby

We want your clean waste wood!

Do you have a large amount of clean, waste wood that you regularly need to dispose of?

Does it take up valuable yard or storage space that could be used for other purposes?

Are you unable to reuse / recycle it yourselves?

Are you within the area on this map?  If so, why not talk to us about our no obligation waste wood collections service – we could save you a lot of time, space and money!


Why we want your wood

We produce Cambridge Hotlogs – clean-burning, 100% natural briquettes made from locally sourced reclaimed timber.  We use scrap wood pallets and clean joinery wood waste to make them.  It doesn’t matter if the wood has nails in it, but it must be clean wood without any cement dust, mud from building sites, chipboard, MDF, Plywood, OSB/Sterling Board or other contaminants such as glue, paint, preservatives, bitumen, rubber, plastics etc.

To find out more Contact Us with your details and we’ll arrange a visit at a time to suit you.