COFCO – our new collection site for 2017

Sadly Black Bar Brewery, our popular Saturday collection site, has decided to go into hibernation. After five great years its time for the Brewmonkey to run to the hills and play in the dirt. Thus BlackBar will be going for a long sleep.  For many of our customers there was a natural synergy between Brewmonkey’s […]

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Cambridge Hotlogs – premium quality waste wood briquettes

Cambridge Hotlogs Good news for anyone in or around Cambridge struggling to find dry, seasoned firewood for their wood burning stove or open fire. We produce Cambridge Hotlogs – a premium quality briquette made from clean, untreated waste wood.  Cambridge Hotlogs produce a lot more heat than firewood and are packaged in easy to handle […]

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Cambridge Hotlogs On Show

We’ve been asked to attend a few events in both the City and South Cambridgeshire to show and talk about our Cambridge Hotlogs – clean burning waste wood briquettes. Hotlogs are made from the clean wood we can’t reuse, which would otherwise be recycled.  By processing it ourselves into premium quality waste wood briquettes, we provide valuable […]

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